The best answers for the buildings of the future are born of a tradition capable of renewing itself and of offering new solutions for the construction industry and the infrastructures of today and tomorrow. From the texts of Vitruvio to the house in 3D printing, cement and concrete, in an increasingly widespread and convincing way, they continue to offer innovative, tailor-made and reliable solutions to the complex and ever new demands of the construction market. Innovation, safety, sustainability, comfort and durability are just some of the characteristics that the cement and concrete supply chain – represented by Federbeton – is able to translate into a range of products as wide as the needs of the market.

Cement and concrete are the protagonists of continuous evolution, founded on three peculiar assets of the Italian supply chain: an extraordinary ability to express innovation, profound knowledge of materials and a close connection with universities.

Concrete on display at Made Expo 2019
“Made Expo 2019 is an opportunity to focus on the fundamental axes of the country’s growth: construction and infrastructure. They represent a heritage of great value and are drivers of the economic and social development of our country. Thanks to the ability to express increasingly advanced performance, concrete and concrete can contribute to making the preservation and growth of our real estate and infrastructural assets the driving force of a renewed economic development ” , commented Federbeton president Roberto Callieri .

“We are very pleased to have had Federbeton with us at MADE expo 2019. The cement and concrete supply chain and the companies that are part of it are certainly one of the most innovative sectors in the construction world right now – said Massimo Buccilli , President of MADE expo – Our visitors thus had a complete vision of the building and architecture market to discover the best solutions currently offered by the market. ”

INGENIO interviewed Roberto Callieri during the MADE EXPO.
In the video interview, the president Federbeton underlines the commitment of the entire supply chain to the innovation that now concerns not only new buildings, but also the issue of regeneration, maintenance and smart buildings and smart cities. Callieri highlighted that we are no longer talking about solutions for the future, but already existing and available technologies.

Concrete is not only the material of large infrastructures but represents a component present in the most everyday dimension of living in the community: in homes, schools, public buildings and private offices, this material guarantees comfort, safety, efficiency, and quality every day of life for millions of people.

At the Made Expo cement and concrete showcased its innovative nature, at the service of the construction sector:

3D concrete: multiple layers of cement are superimposed, under computerized control, in order to create a construction designed by specific 3D software;
“Fast floor” concrete: an innovative mixture – used for example in airports – it allows you to create floors in a very short time, from 4 to 36 hours;
Reinforcing concrete: a very fluid concrete embraces structural elements, such as pillars or pillars, creating a second skin that significantly increases the durability and strength of the work;
Photoluminescent concrete: structural concrete for flooring, capable of absorbing solar energy and then reflecting it as a light source during the night. It can also be produced in a draining version, so as to allow maximum permeability of the soil. These characteristics make it suitable for slow mobility, for the creation of footpaths or bright cycle paths, sidewalks or parking lots;
Self-healing, recycled, draining, colored concrete: modern concrete is in effect a material capable of adapting its innumerable innovative features to the needs of the client;
Tailor-made concrete: integration with digital platforms and App (H2NO System), which make it possible to create the most suitable concrete for the specific needs of the designer and client.

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